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Don't Miss Out on Claiming Research & Development Tax Credits For Your Company


Take your Free 10 Minute Audit with What An Event now to see if we are able to recover R&D Tax Credits for your company. 

We will share this data with our Partner Catax Group, who will conduct your audit to assess your eligibility for a Research and Development Tax Credits claim.



What Are R&D Tax Credits?


Research & Development Tax Credits are about rewarding the innovation and improvement taking place every day in business devices, materials, processes, products, service & systems in nearly every business.



“Here at Reclaim Tax UK we have been informed by HMRC that less than 11% of eligible UK companies have actually claimed back available R&D Tax Credits”.


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If you are a Limited company, you may qualify!


Research & Development Tax Credits are not just for the white coats working in laboratories; they apply to nearly all UK businesses for various reasons.



Reward to incentivise Innovation!


Research & Development Tax Credits are the Government’s way of rewarding businesses that are developing new, or appreciably improving existing, products, processes, systems and materials — and thereby increasing the country’s wealth creation capacity.



What could you do with a £52k cash injection?


A typical Research & Development Tax Claim is in excess of £52,000 per UK company, so we are not talking small change.